​​​​Angel Art for Healing Hearts 


I awoke in pain sadness and dismay
Realising a need for spiritual nurturing
decided to pray.
Read from "god calling"then arose from my bed,
Felt compelled to paint something to clear my head.
Astonished at what followed 13 angels appeared as all of my sorrow disappeared.
With radiant light the wings of love lifted my spirit .Then I heard the tender voice from above ..Saying my child .
Now do you believe "you are good enough ."!
I fell to my knees overwhelmed with gratitude.Finding my soul purpose left fear behind.
Sharing etheral angelic images to mankind.
Growing in spirit as love fills  the canvas with emotions each stroke fueled visions channelled to evoke.
past present future arrive as if the angels are alive.
Souls recognised beyond consiousness flows our hearts sensing love forever grows.
Seeing loved ones in angels embrace as they wipe every tear that falls on your face.
Compassion for all on this earthly place.
Bestowing abundance of guidance protection and loving gratitude.
May you feel the energy of heavenly angels embrace... With Healing grace .
Audrey keenan.