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Finalist in 2016 pebeo mixed media arts competition.
exhibited work in a@dgallery london.uk
Exhibition ..gallerie hagstrom stockholm Sweden .
 2016 ..
Art b artist .golbal magazine featured artist. 

Audrey has been featured in such books as:

Audrey is a Scottish artist who has been compelled to create these beautiful angelic images by channeling her angels. 

She is a reiki master and healer with 20 years experience. Many worldwide are intrigued by the unique style of her artwork.Which is done by intuition. Inspired by love of humanity emotions such as hope faith trust are captured within the ethereic images.

Has been invited to share her work in galleries and interviewed by global media agencies. She believes after praying for a purpose that she was given thus gift. Many recognise these angels instantly, as a quantum consciousness these pieces of artwork are rare and offer the viewer a unique insight into surreal impressionist art in abstract form.